Couple great photos by great friends

Lazer Fire and Halcon Cara are still practicing and picking up the odd show here and there and it is really nice to see friends and play music and all of that. Here is a picture from a show last month with pocket fishrmen taken by the immensely talented Matthew Silaski:

So that’s pretty much what i look like these days.

Here is a photo from this weekend by Aaron Seibert at our show with Xsatanist:

Funny how much i still love that red strat. maybe i can strip the poly off it and get a proper lacquer finish on it?

OOOOOO Lazer Fire on bandcamp:

I need to do a proper post soon.

Halcon Cara is Super Cool

Hi! I just noticed I haven’t talked about my new band Halcon Cara yet, so here is the start of the skinny.

Tommy from Woodgrain had written and recorded some songs and made some videos while he was convalescing for a few weeks, and they were pretty cool. He and Virginia Meza (from Kay Odyssey, Jackie Ono, and the Unhung Heroes) were jamming it out and invited me, and I immediately said yes. So far we’re all instrumental, and it’s a super fun band. We have an EP, Aeon of Horus, we recorded with Chico at Estuary on Spotify (as well as the LP of Tommy’s original tunes). Here is our first band video for the tune Currents. Enjoy!

Orkney Tuning Improvisation | Video

orkney tuning

While I was writing and recording The Fall Will Probably Kill You, I experimented with the Orkney Tuning and, although none of those sketches got turned into tracks for the album, I enjoyed it a lot.

Orkney Tuning is very strange – it is familiar in some respects, yet very different from expectation in many others. You can get into a little groove thinking you have it all under control, but then one little misstep, and you are suddenly way outside of the lines. It is lovely and brutal.
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Dual Record Release December 13


On December 13, Church of the Friendly Ghost (at Salvage Vanguard Theatre) will present the release party for the first two Zirque Bois d’Arc records!

Here’s the Facebook event page.

Selections from Things I Should’ve Done Better will be performed by Zirque, Peter Stopschinski on Keys, Sam Arnold on Bass, and David Hobizal on Drums

Selections from Songs About Russia will be performed by Zirque with Shelly Leuzinger and Evie Gladish.

There will also be a performance by Ralph White and other special guests!

more details to come….

The Fall Will Probably Kill You

Well time marches on.

Things I Should’ve Done Better has been manufactured and is on it’s way to me – well at least the CD version of it. I hope i didn’t screw anything up, I’m super happy with it!

I just mastered Songs About Russia, so now I have to assemble the artwork and get the physical copies made. Here’s the first video (of 13!):

I just finished a suite of solo guitar pieces that I hope to start performing around town. I’m calling the project The Fall Will Probably Kill You, and here’s a demo:

Since it’s been a while and I’ve done a lot, here are some more cool things:

Spiderfarts – a live sound collage collective from the mind of Peter Stopschinski and featuring some of my favorite folks:

Catalogue of Spiderfarts – April 29, 2015 at the Off Center – Part 1 from friendly ghost on Vimeo.

I was in a play! 100 Heartbreaks by Joanna Garner! I played the guitar player in the band (and the band – me, Alexander Villarreal and Robert Vignisson – got a nomination for a B. Iden Payne Award – Outstanding Featured Musical Performance!) check out some of the tunes (with me on guitar) at That girl can write and sing some heartbreak for sure!

My punk band Pinkie Sworn:

Oh I did this album of psych-rock music. dunno if i’ll ever do anything more with it, so here it is on soundcloud:

I started a band with Mohadev. and so much more. this is a lot… Next Up: CD Release and then Voo Doo Deaux!

gonna be a good spring

well, now i get to release all these things.

chablis single came out saturday – the record relase at carousel lounge was off the hook fun

this week we send lick lick’s third record – you and me neither – off to the record pressing factory place. should have that back mid-february.

also we’re finishing up mixing on lick lick’s as yet untitled fourth record this week. so we’ll likely have two releases in 2014!

peter’s rite of spring is dropping at the mother falcon performance on december 28

also on december 28 matt and i are backing up hess on a couple of songs at a big coldtown theater shindig

january 11 i debut with the cave bees at holy mountain!

january 15 is target to finish mixing things i shouldve done better – need to arrange for mastering, but i have a couple of ideas. by mid february i hope to have it pressed. the cover image is a great photo by george brainard.

january 26 fencesitters are doing 2 hours of sit and sing at the lost well

early february is my target to finish recording/mixing songs about russia – need to arrange for mastering. hope to have it pressed by mid march

february 15 love below III – the return of Baby Got Bacteria

in mid march i’ll start recording voodoo deux in earnest. i’ve got a couple of great smart people helping me out, and i can’t wait to get it going.

also around then my psych rock band should be starting to get going – i have 12 songs written, and some fantastic players on board – just need to get some words and some time.

also i just started work with hobizal on a concept record – a sort of beowulf set in the post apocalyptic trans-pecos. i’m calling it el milagro de calor