Couple great photos by great friends

Lazer Fire and Halcon Cara are still practicing and picking up the odd show here and there and it is really nice to see friends and play music and all of that. Here is a picture from a show last month with pocket fishrmen taken by the immensely talented Matthew Silaski:

So that’s pretty much what i look like these days.

Here is a photo from this weekend by Aaron Seibert at our show with Xsatanist:

Funny how much i still love that red strat. maybe i can strip the poly off it and get a proper lacquer finish on it?

OOOOOO Lazer Fire on bandcamp:

I need to do a proper post soon.

Halcon Cara is Super Cool

Hi! I just noticed I haven’t talked about my new band Halcon Cara yet, so here is the start of the skinny.

Tommy from Woodgrain had written and recorded some songs and made some videos while he was convalescing for a few weeks, and they were pretty cool. He and Virginia Meza (from Kay Odyssey, Jackie Ono, and the Unhung Heroes) were jamming it out and invited me, and I immediately said yes. So far we’re all instrumental, and it’s a super fun band. We have an EP, Aeon of Horus, we recorded with Chico at Estuary on Spotify (as well as the LP of Tommy’s original tunes). Here is our first band video for the tune Currents. Enjoy!

Witty Banter From My Carousel Show Tomorrow Night

Carousel Show Tomorrow

While preparing for my Carousel Lounge Show tomorrow (August 26, 2017) I needed to cut many songs from my set-list, and well, I don’t want to cut anymore, so I have decided to cut my banter. Here you will find my extensively crafted and artistic rendering of well-told stories to accompany my song performances. Perhaps if you are in the audience, you can follow along and consider this banter augmentation for your reality. In fact, I plan on casting my 7:00 set on my Instagram, so if you’re at home or wherever you can watch me and follow along.
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Texas Guitar: It’s Not Just Blues, You Know? Pt 2 Rock and Progressive

texas guitar

Now I love the Blues and Blues Guitar – I just posted 9 Texas Blues Guitarists, and What You Can Learn From Them – but there is a lot more to love about Texas guitar than just the blues (and there’s more blues in Texas than I covered in that post). We’ve got shredders playing country and shredders playing rock and shredders playing old-timey – Austin even had a legit classical guitar society.
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9 Texas Blues Guitarists, and What You Can Learn From Them

texas blues guitarists

I spent many years in my youth learning and playing blues guitar, mostly electric, but some acoustic. During college, I joined a band in my hometown of Nacogdoches called Cold Shot (with Danny Britton and Richard Suggs) and played a couple of shows a month, mostly at a club called Blank and Co. We would do three sets, one acoustic and two electric, and over the years we had tons of guests join us on stage and had a great time playing mostly blues standards, maybe a little rock and roll.
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