Lick Lick

Songs that strut by, give you a flirty wink, then kick you in the shins. Girl power, boy bravado. Epic guitar, organ growl. Welcome the the sound of LICK LICK! Formed in TEXAS in 2006, LICK LICK are the world’s preeminent progressive punk psychos. LICK LICK love power chords, odd beats, and wicked humor–Devo, Black Sabbath, and Frank Zappa in a Texas bar brawl! Featuring members of Brown Whörnet, Les Saucy Pants, Middlefinger, Baby Got Bacteria, Opposite Day, Stop Motion Orchestra, Sprawl, Chablis, The Wank Tribe, Eat The Taco and the Fence Cutters, LICK LICK have spread their sound through their highly-regarded CDs and throbbing performances across Texas (and Japan!). As one reviewer wrote, “LICK LICK jars your brain up jolly good!”

You can buy our first cd at itunes or stream it on Spotify or Rhapsody or your favorite online or brick and mortar music store. It looks like this:

Lick Lick is officially coining a new genre: prunk. “It’s progressive punk,” explains guitarist Eric Roach. “All of us have been playing for 25 years, so there’s a lot of influences crammed in there, but all of the parts are really short.” Prunk doesn’t even begin to describe the sensory overload found on the local quintet’s eponymous debut late last year. With the group’s ties to Les Saucy Pants, Sprawl, and Brown Whörnet, the album belches like the culmination of Austin’s avant-noise rock scene of the last decade, absurd math-metal flushed with psychedelic organ. Imagine the Butthole Surfers covering X.

Lick Lick is a five-piece progressive punk band from Austin, Texas, that currently features members of Opposite Day (Texas Art Rock), Middlefinger (Mr. Bungle-influenced skacore), Brown Whörnet (perverted, classically-inspired art rock), and the Fence Cutters (genre-hopping Americana). Influenced by Devo, The Melvins, The Minutemen, Ruins, and Shellac, the members of Lick Lick share a love of power chords, off-kilter changes, feedback, twang, and new wave throb. They are on the Australian Cattle God label.

Lick Lick’s self-titled debut wraps Deep Purple-flavored organ grind around quick right-turning pop spastics, and has been described as the sweeney todd of rock, and art-damaged coliseum rock is repurposed into poison-tipped barbs aimed at the starchy underside of bloated egos and empire.

Members: Matt Kelly, Mo Perce, Eric Roach, Sam Arnold, Phillip White, Peter Stopschinski (emeritus), Philip White (emeritus), Jason Davis (emeritus), Snoopy Melvin (emeritus), David Hobizal (emeritus), and Cameron Page (emeritus).

Lick Lick’s second, Good Touch Bad Touch, accentuates their acrobatic prog-punk spirals with a groovy vein of heavy metal badassery, and further Lick Lick’s Good Touch/Bad Touch … has the ability to scramble your senses and cause anxiety attacks. But don’t shy away. Right below the hard-driving and slightly spastic front, you’ll hear the subtle fusion of five battle-tested Texas musicians.

Good Touch Bad Touch is available at normal places and looks like this:

Our third record, a 10″ vinyl release called You and Me Neither is available from the band or you can order it here. You can hear a couple of tunes (Eric’sIX and Erix 10th) on our reverb nation page.

(Check out the String Arrangement by Peter Stopschinski)

You and Me Neither on Spotify – produced and recorded around Austin with Greg Yancey. Buy You and Me Neither on CD Baby.

You and Me Neither, Too is now also on Spotify – The second of two companion studio albums, recorded and produced with Chico Jones at Ohm Studios. Buy You and Me Neither, Too on CD Baby.

Here is a live clip from a couple of new years ago.