Baby Got Bacteria


Forged from an unholy alliance of Minutemen, Krautrock and Van Halen’s 1984 * – all focused through the eyes of our very own Neo-Soul Betty Davis – Baby Got Bacteria’s debut release, Boo, takes the listener on a journey both epic and sentimental, from the stoops of New Orleans to the Snake River Canyon, with in-your-face intimacy and no filter – ever.

BABY GOT BACTERIA were formed on the roof of the Caucus Club in Austin, Texas during Bill Twitchell’s wedding reception. Dallas Junior (Eric Roach) and the Fireman (David Lee Hess) were kicking back some appetizers and decided that the time was ripe for building the perfect musical weapon of mass kickassness. Along with siren Cami Alys and drumber Matt Kelly, Baby Got Bacteria have amazed audiences (and broken sales records) at clubs and parties around the state.

Boo is the rock and roll recording debut of Cami Alys, singer, foley artist, actress, and puppeteer. She is currently Host and Co-Producer of Austin’s own, INdustry Night – an old-school variety show – with additional credits at Salvage Vanguard Theatre, Hidden Room, The Rude Mechanicals, Glass Half Full Theatre, Paper Chairs, Trouble Puppet Theatre, Breaking String, and Whirligig. Also, keep your eyes open for Isabella and Her Dinosaur- a comedic song and dance duo who talk about the world through children’s tunes and crystal glasses of cheap whiskey.

Eric Roach started playing bass after watching the Grambling University band and then discovering how expensive sousaphones were. His high-school band, the Larrys, played at the Beach, Liberty Lunch, and Antones on Guadalupe. Since then he has played in Lick Lick (4 CDs) The Fence Sitters/Fence Cutters (4 CDs), Passed Out Flyers, the Stupor Friends, Alfalfa Male, and the Wampus Cats. he has also released 3 CDs as alter ego Zirque Bois d’Arc.

David Lee Hess is the interior & exterior sun/force behind the Austin-based bands Supersonic Uke, King Tears, Alterego and Seahorse and can be found acting on the big screen in Mississippi Requiem with Topher Grace.

Although you may know Matt Kelly from fronting and/or playing keys in other kick ass bands like Lick Lick, Wank Tribe, Passed out Flyers, Mojo Queen, Les Saucy Pants, Middlefinger, Rugrash and Sprawl as well as his new project Ignus Matuus, for BGB, he is the drumber.

They have played with Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re (from Japan), the West Coast Pinups, Peel, Blackholicus, Red Fang, Scorpio Rising, GuyTown, Foot Patrol, Aaartfyste, A Giant Dog, Holiday Mountain, Migas, the Brass Ovaries and dozens of other bands and performers. Among many accolades, Baby Got Bacteria has received critics nods for Best Name and Best New Live Act from the Austin Chronicle.


Global release May 17, 2017.

Boo was recorded and mixed at Ohm Studio with additional mixing at Micro Mega Studio by album Co-Producer Chico Jones. Joining Baby Got Bacteria on the album are long-time friends the Hard Proof Horns (Derek Phelps, Jason Frey and Joseph Woullard) as well as percussionist R. Dave Irish.

If you like Minutemen, Van Halen, breakfast tacos and Lone Star beer but are looking for a fresh approach – or just new tunes – you will like this record.

Track List: (recommended)

1 Copulation 4:05 New Neo-Soul for an all night party
2 Lovemaker 3000 2:38 Kitty kats, rabbit holes, funny pills – an Alice in Wonderland rocker
3 Can Day 4:28 Born of Krautrock hot-tub dreams
4 Wildflower 2:06 Three chords and the half-truth – if the 80s were now
5 Hog Island 3:03 Smooth sweet instrumental
6 Curtains 6:27 Long deep funky vibe – what are YOU hiding?
7 Naughty Streetz 3:04 Zappa and Van Halen in a groovy hot tub of prog
8 Pantytonic 2:47 Blazing rocker with all the right notes
9 Jog-a-Mile 5:09 What Albini wanted all those bands to sound like
10 Evel Knievel 5:41 Slow jams are the best jams
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* – we just had a meeting about this point and decided that we prefer Fair Warning to 1984, although 1984 is awesome.