The Fence Sitters Mission to Mars – A very sweet record capturing a beautiful time we spent in Brenham, produced with Jeremiah Ball. Me, Tim Ziegler, Shelly Leuzinger, Denman Shelton, Dave Sugeno, Amy Sugeno, Chip Tait, Kurt Huffman, John Howard, and George and Mindy Brainard all joined in. Buy Mission to Mars on CD Baby and then Listen Along with me!

Wank Tribe Live at Me Mer Mo – A live recording of Wank Tribe – we play graphical scores created and curated by our leader Peter Stopschinski, and it is very gestural and fun and sounds very great. The band has Me and Peter and Jimi Burdine and Henna Chou and Matt Kelly and Cameron Page and (although he couldn’t make it to this recording), Philip White. Buy Live at Me Mer Mo on CD Baby.

Baby Got Bacteria Boo – Studio Album from Baby Got Bacteria. An unholy collision of VH 1984, neo-soul, krautrock and Minutemen through Betty Davis’ eyes. Produced and Recorded at Ohm and MicroMega studios in Austin, Texas with Chico Jones. BGB (Cami Alys, David Lee Hess, Matt Kelly, and myself) are joined by the Hard Proof Horns and R. Dave Irish. Buy Boo on CD Baby.

Lick Lick You and Me Neither, Too – The second of two companion studio albums from the mighty Lick Lick, recorded and produced with Chico Jones at Ohm Studios. This heart-achingly good record has MO Perce, Matt Kelly, Sam Arnold and Cameron Page. Buy You and Me Neither, Too on CD Baby.

Zirque Bois d’Arc The Fall Will Probably Kill You – Solo guitar instrumentals in the tradition of John Fahey and others, played on my Creston Lea guitar through my Fulton Webb amp, produced by me at home. Buy The Fall Will Probably Kill You on CD Baby.

Zirque Bois d’Arc Songs About Russia – A collection of modern folk tunes I wrote about Russia, produced with Cisco Gilliland at his studio. I am joined by Shelly Leuzinger and Evie Gladish. Buy Songs About Russia on CD Baby.

Zirque Bois d’Arc Things I Should’ve Done Better – A guitar driven instrumental album, produced with Sam Arnold at a variety of locations in Austin (and Venice Beach). I am joined by Sam Arnold, Peter Stopschinski, David Hobizal, Pat Kennedy, Chuck Fischer a horn section and a string section. Buy Things I Should’ve Done Better on CD Baby.

Chablis No Shells/Lube it Up 7″ – The second 45 record by Chablis, featuring the TX live and drunk-ass version of the band on two fine numbers sure to please the alt-cuntry connoisseur. Stream/Buy on Bandcamp.

Lick Lick You and Me Neither – The first of two companion studio albums from Lick Lick, produced and recorded around Austin with Greg Yancey. MO Perce, Matt Kelly, Sam Arnold, David Hobizal and myself had a hand in creating this heartache. Buy You and Me Neither on CD Baby.

Lick Lick Good Touch Bad Touch – The second album from this hard-rocking outfit, produced at Ohm with Chico Jones. MO Perce, Matt Kelly, Peter Stopschinski, David Hobizal and myself churned out these explosions of honesty. Australian Cattle God Records.

Lick Lick Lick Lick – Our first album is just fantastic, produced with Tim Gerron in Austin. MO Perce, Matt Kelly, Jason Davis, Philip White and myself made a true classic of time and place. Australian Cattle God Records.

The Fence Cutters Horses and Asses – The Fence Cutters as a finely tuned rock and roll machine – booze-fueled for sure, recorded at Tim and Shelly’s house and produced with Jeremiah Ball. Me, Tim Ziegler, Shelly Leuzinger, Hugh Bradley and Jim Keaveny rocked this action. Buy Horses and Asses on CD Baby, and then Listen Along with me!

The Fence Cutters Extended Play – We recorded over thirty songs on this session at Allan Gill’s studio and then did some re-recording and overdubs at Barbara Kay’s, all with Jeremiah Ball. These 9 performances are great as we are on the edge of rock but still stuck in the sweetness of our acoustic origins, produced with Jeremiah Ball. Me, Tim Ziegler, Shelly Leuzinger and Chip Tait are joined by Dave Heath, Merrideth Jiles, Joe Ridout, Denman Shelton and Dave Sugeno. Buy Extended Play on CD Baby, and then Listen Along with me!

The Fence Sitters More Blue than Green – The OG, recorded and produced with Jeremiah Ball at Allan Gill’s studio over a beautiful weekend last century. Me, Tim, Shelly, Denman, Dave, Chip, Kurt and a bunch of our friends. Buy More Blue Than Green on CD Baby, and then Listen Along with me!

My Sound Cloud is replete with other projects and out-takes and ephemera. Here are some highlights:

A Sampler
My amazingly Good Punk Band Pinky Sworn
A psych-rock project I am working on, tentativley called Like Carbon
Passed Out Flyers’ The Least You Coulda Done
Hecho’s Poodelay Tampopo Woo Woo (the demo version – we recorded it with the band later)
The Stupor Friends 3 Dollar Demo
Alfalfa Male’s Love Machine
and a very sweet Fence Cutters tune, Always, from the Powered Culture Points compilation

I appear on several of Peter Stopschinski’s 50 Backlog Albums. You should listen to all of these, naturally, over and over. You can hear me on

01. Soundtrack to the Rude Mech’s FIXING KING JOHN (2013)
20. Wank Tribe – External Braindrive (2015)
22. Catalogue of Spiderfarts LIVE at the Off Center Austin, TX (2015)
25. I’ve Never Been So Happy – Cast Demo Album (2007)
36. Soundtrack to The Curious Case of the Watson Intelligence (2013)
42. rock demos and off-broadway dreams – the mixtape (2006-2016)

The Larrys Twistin’ by the Fridge/Friendship 7″ – High School. Ben Willcott, Terry Lynch and I did yard work to raise the money to record (at Earth and Sky Studio in Austin) and press this record.

OH – I played some mandolin on What Made Milwaukee Famous‘s 2008 record What Doesn’t Kill Us, and some guitar on Sam Arnold‘s 2012 Sunshine Carnivore. and probably some other records.