New Projects

So, hopefully all of these matriculate into awesomeness, i feel they all will.

Just thought i’d take a little time and write down the state of the state on some of my music ships.

Peter plays The Rite of Spring. Peter Stopschinski has prepared a solo piano arrangement of Stravinski’s the Rite of Spring, and I have been assisting him with the recording. We’ve got the good mics pointed at the Yamaha Grand, and I think the tonal palate he is pushing through the sound board is amazing. It’s truly an honor to be involved as he obviously loves the source material.

Piano/Mandolin Trio. Peter and I have started developing some pieces to play for a newly concepted piano and mandolin trio (we’ll add acoustic bass). Peter wants to play more acoustic piano, and i want to get much much better at the mandolin. Most acoustic Pianos in town are in places where the exuberance of our rock-n-roll impulses are not really encouraged and it’s not really in our bucket list to play a bunch of covers or standards, so we’re developing new material on which we can improvise. I think of it as Tia Carrera for the acoustic music set.

Pinkie Sworn. hardcore, with Julien, Sean and Cam. SWORN!

Duets. Shelly dared me to do an album of duets with her, so we have started writing a bunch of them (9 started so far). Our buddy alarmo expressed interest in playing pedal steel, so we may try to put together an actual gigging band – twin fiddles, pedal steel duets and harmonies. i’ve done a couple of demos, but none really good enough for soundcloud yet (wrong keys, wrong feels, placeholder lyrics, etc.)

Lick Lick’s 3rd record is being mixed right now! Greg Yancey has been wrangling some great moments, and i can’t wait for y’all to hear it!

Things I Should’ve Done Better is being mixed! Sam and I have cranked that mill up, and hope to have last minute recording and mixes done by then end of August.