Couple great photos by great friends

Lazer Fire and Halcon Cara are still practicing and picking up the odd show here and there and it is really nice to see friends and play music and all of that. Here is a picture from a show last month with pocket fishrmen taken by the immensely talented Matthew Silaski:

So that’s pretty much what i look like these days.

Here is a photo from this weekend by Aaron Seibert at our show with Xsatanist:

Funny how much i still love that red strat. maybe i can strip the poly off it and get a proper lacquer finish on it?

OOOOOO Lazer Fire on bandcamp:

I need to do a proper post soon.

Halcon Cara is Super Cool

Hi! I just noticed I haven’t talked about my new band Halcon Cara yet, so here is the start of the skinny.

Tommy from Woodgrain had written and recorded some songs and made some videos while he was convalescing for a few weeks, and they were pretty cool. He and Virginia Meza (from Kay Odyssey, Jackie Ono, and the Unhung Heroes) were jamming it out and invited me, and I immediately said yes. So far we’re all instrumental, and it’s a super fun band. We have an EP, Aeon of Horus, we recorded with Chico at Estuary on Spotify (as well as the LP of Tommy’s original tunes). Here is our first band video for the tune Currents. Enjoy!

Orkney Tuning Improvisation | Video

orkney tuning

While I was writing and recording The Fall Will Probably Kill You, I experimented with the Orkney Tuning and, although none of those sketches got turned into tracks for the album, I enjoyed it a lot.

Orkney Tuning is very strange – it is familiar in some respects, yet very different from expectation in many others. You can get into a little groove thinking you have it all under control, but then one little misstep, and you are suddenly way outside of the lines. It is lovely and brutal.
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Walter Becker, Steely Dan’s Guitar-Side

steely dan

Walter Becker has passed away at 67. That’s sad – it seems young these days. He played his share of rock-n-roll and made some bad decisions along the way, but his friends stuck with him. By the time Steely Dan started touring again my infatuation with their seven masterpiece albums had mostly been diverted into other pursuits. On Saturday evening, though, I saw some folks on my Instagram posting photos of Fagen playing at ACL Live, and I thought to myself, “I should make an effort to see those guys.”

But by Sunday morning it was already too late.
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Learning The Mandolin: History – The Bluegrass Era (pt. 1)

learning the mandolin

A few years ago a friend of mine asked for some mandolin lessons. Only problems were, she didn’t have a mandolin and she lived in a different city. Still, I have some peculiar notions about what it means to learn an instrument and I thought there was a lot of information to go through that would be helpful before she even picked up an instrument. So here is part one of two of the first set of email “lessons” that I put together. It turns out to be a pretty good history/overview of the instrument if I do say so myself. Enjoy!
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