Zirque Bois d’Arc band live at Mohawk

Zirque Bois d’Arc live at the Carousel

Baby Got Bacteria Live at Vegas

Your Face My Face with Mohadev 2016

Eat The Taco at Trailer Space

Zirque Bois d’Arc Songs About Russia live set at the Grackle (push forward to 1:40 or so)

Catalogue of Spiderfarts part 1

Catalogue of Spiderfarts – April 29, 2015 at the Off Center – Part 1 from friendly ghost on Vimeo.

Chablis (austin) i play guitar with this awesomeness. sometimes sanfrancisco chablis also. maybe (fingers crossed) NOLA Chablis.

Passed Out Fliers. man we were good. Jimmy, Matt, Karl, Rob and me. and before that Ezra, Jeremy and Tim. Some days playing that pedal steel felt like Zeus hurling thunderbolts.

Ding Dong. Bradshaw cover band. with bradshaw and keith and damon.

Stupor¬†Friends. with wade and hugh. anna called it “too much rock”

Hecho, with Anna, hugh, shelly and bernie

Alfalfa Male. with me on drums and hugh and heywood.

Wampus Cats with george and amy and a couple bassists

More Your Face My Face 2017