Things I Should’ve Done Better

Things I should’ve done better is my first solo record. it is all instrumental guitar focused music. i wrote and demod the tunes in October 2011 while in Los Angeles, and have been recording and mixing since then. here are the important data.

peter stopschinski and i were playing in lick lick and he invited me to join the musicians core for a Rude Mechs musical, I’ve Never Been So Happy. he listened to the demos and recordings many times along the way, and has contributed string arrangements and some piano playing.

Kirk Lynn wrote the book for the musical I’ve never been so happy, and consequently the line “What is any life but a catalog of situations in which you should’ve done better?”

Kerri Atwood delivered that line with great understanding.

Sam Arnold heard some early demos, and said he’d like to hear what it sounded like with better guitar tones. so i asked him to produce. ha, sucker! also he plays bass on some of the tracks.

Noel Gaulin was my roommate when we were in LA, and listened to the drafts i was creating with patience and enthusiasm.

here’s a demo of the song drawer

David Hobizal, Patrick Kennedy and Chuck Fisher all masterfully transformed my ipad-created loop beats into living breathing documents of time.

I donated to a kickstarter for Digital Antique, and subsequently got to have the fabulous Joseph Shuffield, Dixie Yoder, Annette Franzen and Hector Moreno play Peter’s excellent string arrangements on a couple of tunes.

Matt Kelly played some keys.

Leila Louise Henley, Thomas Vanderbrook and Eddie Lehwald played awesome horn arrangements written by Sam.

All thats left is some keyboards with Eddy Hobizal, some bass with Greg Gonzales, and some bass with my brother Chris.

oh and mixing and all that 😉