The Fall Will Probably Kill You Radio Lander

The Fall Will Probably Kill You

digital release April 1, 2016

Butch Cassidy: What’s the matter with you?
Sundance Kid: I can’t swim.
Butch Cassidy: Are you crazy? The fall will probably kill you.
— William Goldman

Zirque Bois d’Arc is the alter-ego of longtime Austin, TX sideman (and occasional frontman) Eric Roach. From the 90s bluegrassy stylings of The Fencesitters, to current rock and progressive stalwarts Lick Lick and Baby Got Bacteria, Eric has been a contributing member of over 100 live acts since attending high school in Austin in the 1980s.


The Fall Will Probably Kill You is a solo guitar record of original tunes recorded over July 4th weekend 2015 while watching. All tracks were played on Eric’s 2015 Creston Lea Spruce Triple plugged straight into Eric’s 2000 Fulton Webb Amp. Recorded, mixed and mastered at home, with some assistance from Chico Jones at Ohm Studio in Austin, TX. I made two edits, elsewise everything is live as it was performed.

If you like John Fahey, Marisa Anderson and William Tyler you will like this record.

Track List: (recommended)

1 Independence Bae 3:40 from a chaotic riverrun beginning sprouts hopeful contemplation
2 A Pick and a Shovel 2:35 peaceful reflection on allowing pathways reveal themselves
3 Victoria Waltz 4:00 a surfers waltz for the mountains of alberta
4 Love Your Neighbor, Assholes 3:12 a pulsing shuffle in honor of not being a dick
5 I Love You Gift Card 2:03 travis picking for taking time to be thoughtful
6 No Rent 2:54 for when you gotta stay at work to keep a roof somewhere else
7 Within Waltzing Distance 3:09 the space is vast, but easy with a spring in your step
8 Past Here America 2:25 a little bit of delta, where every thing flows to and from
9 Appearance of Fear 2:57 a little up tempo rhythmic looper about keeping your wits about you
10 The Fall Will Probably Kill You 3:37 climb to the edge, let go, go again
11 Henna Day 4:05 a simple shuffle about creating and controlling the unexpectable
12 Gloria Ramen 2:59 one last waltz about simple things that are grand

#4 has a cussword in the title, so I had to label that with the Tipper Gore thing. I think it’s pretty safe for children, but whatever.

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